Sunday, 1 March 2020


Mittenwald was one of the many inspiring scenes I witnessed on my travels through Bavaria. We drove through this area in my old Morris Traveller which excited much interest every time we stopped to park. I don't think the Germans had ever seen such scruffy paintwork and with its old wooden frame with moss growing out of it in places I guess it was a curious sight! But it was a reliable solid car which carried us thousands of miles throughout Europe. In Mittenwald we stayed with one of our oldest German friends and enjoyed walking through the lovely mountain scenery. I painted this scene mid morning, near a stream and as I focused on ethereal beauty of the mist which always appeared to be hanging over the lower slopes of the mountains, lizards darted about and occasionally across my feet!

Mountain Bathed in Mist 1974 Gouache 11" x 16" - sold

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