Sunday, 21 June 2015

The Night Watchman... Crime Reference; e1577

During the 1950's I made a series of paintings on riverside characters, these were often exhibited and 'The Night Watchman' was subsequently shown in Sweetwaters Fine Art Gallery in Crawford Street, W1. One evening there was a hit and run; a van crashed into the front window and thieves grabbed all the paintings close to hand including this one.  The thieves were caught but when I enquired about the painting I was told they were caught over 'a much more important crime than art' and so I never saw the painting again! The painting was insured so it wasn't a total loss. However, over the years I have regretted not knowing what happened to it and decided that it would be interesting to recreate the painting but with a different feel in stained glass. Below are my first attempts at stained glass with the assistance of Apollo Stained Glass. More pics to follow on completion...some glasses may change!

If anyone knows the whereabouts of this painting please contact me!

Some silver stain to follow then over to Apollo Stained Glass for leading, cementing etc. 

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Pope and Bond Barge Repairs

Looking back over some papers I found this painting (featured in the Blackheath Halls Summer Exhibition under the title 'Convoys from Wood Wharf') listed by another title 'Pope and Bond Barge Repairs'.

Wood Wharf has a fascinating history which the Greenwich Industrial History Society writes about here.

Today Wood Wharf looks very different.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

To Seaton With Love

During the Second world War I was evacuated to Seaton in Devon. As a child it was a place full of wonder, so different from the industry of Bermondsey and hustle of London life. The experience changed the course of my life and I wrote this book as a tribute to Seaton and the people who made it a place of such treasured memories. 
"To Seaton With Love - Memoirs of an Evacuee 1940-1945"
£2.95 + P&P

Copies of this book are available from:
Ted Gosling, Curator, Seaton Museum, Town Hall, Fore Street, Seaton, Devon, EX12 2SX
Please contact the Museum for further details.
Farmyard in Seaton 1951 - sold.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Tea For All Tastes

Although I'm most known for my river paintings I'll also be featuring some other interests here, for example, the painting style of Trompe L'oeil as below...'Everything stops for tea'!

Tea For All Tastes version 1 (£1250 approx. 28" x 22")
Tea For All Tastes version 2 (£1250 approx. 28" x 22")

Tea For All Tastes version 3 (£1250 approx. 28" x 22")

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Blackheath Art Society Summer Exhibition - Now Showing!

As President of the Blackheath Art Society I am proud to announce that our Summer Art Exhibition is now open. The exhibition is a great way to view and buy art from a range of artists covering different styles and subjects. The exhibition is on at Blackheath Halls from 3 - 29th June 2015, Monday to Friday from 10 - 5. For more information on the exhibition and Blackheath Art Society click here.
Convoys from Wood Wharf (£1500 approx. 24" x 20")