Thursday, 15 September 2016

From my catalogue / poster draw!

While recently reviewing my catalogue / poster draw I came across some covers that I thought gave a good idea of my progress through 7 decades...

 From 1978 Castles and Other Romantic Landscapes. Woodlands Art Gallery. London.

 Private view cover for this exhibition below.
Image; Still Waters at Scotney 1977.

1989 Paradise Found. Sweet Waters Gallery. London

Image; Tam O'Shanter 1954

Introduction for Paradise Found by Susan Einzig. 

Image Gog and Magog.

Forward by Francis Hoyland. Image Night Watchman.

Images; Barn in Nova Scotia and St Davids Wales - from the Cathedral Grounds.

Images; Tewksbury Abbey and A Bank Near Helford Passage.

Images; Morin Heights, Quebec Province. The Artists Garden (no.1). House of the Grey-Friars,  Canterbury. Court-House, Bishopsbourne. Towards Austria. 

Images; Mountain Bathed in Mist. The Lizard Peninsular, Cornwall. 

Afterword by D. Gauranga, Sweet Waters Gallery. Image; Canal Scene in Deptford.

Back cover image; Butlers Wharf, Shad Thames.

1992 Autumn Exhibition. Thompson's Gallery. London

Image; School Steps, Dartmouth.

1995 A Thames Elegy. Cafe Gallery, Southwark Park. London.

Image; Busy Scene at Pipers Boatyard.

2000 Painting the River Thames. Age Exchange Reminiscence Centre. London.

Image; Hungerford Bridge.

2003 Homage To The Working Thames. Guildhall. London.

Image; Timber Going Overside, Surrey Docks.

2008 Living By The River. Duncan Campbell Fine Art. London.

Image; The Royal Yacht Britannia's Last Voyage to London, Farewell from Greenwich Pier (2002).

2009 A Christmas Exhibition with Cristiana Angelini. Paul McPhereson Gallery. London.

Image; New Moon, New City.

2011 The Thames, our sleeping giant. Old Royal Naval College. London

Image; King George V Dock.

2014 London City of Music and Other Delights. Blackheath Halls. London.

Image; Nocturne in E Chopin.

2015 It All Began With Drawing. West Greenwich Library. London.

Image; mock cave drawing.

I hope you have enjoyed this tour through the years. Some years ago I was honoured to be asked to become president of The Blackheath Art Society, where I currently contribute to our regular exhibitions full of exciting talent. The next exhibition is 15th October - 18th December 2016. Held at Discover Greenwich Upstairs Gallery, Old Royal Naval College, Cutty Sark Gardens SE10 9NN. For more information contact The Blackheath Art Society. Hope you can make it!

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Docker reading

In the recesses of my studio I am unearthing some very large paintings. This one approx, 41" x 51", was made in the 1950s and based on my grandfather Jack Driscoll, set in a London sunset.

Image; Docker Reading, £1500.