Saturday, 25 July 2015

The Night Watchman... Crime Reference; e1577 completed!

This panel was a bit of fun for me - see earlier post on the history of this painting. Now completed I am pleased with the new spin on this lost work. I like the way the changing background light emphasises the atmosphere of the piece.


 Although I have never previously made any stained glass I really enjoyed this process and remembered as I was painting how the heavy black lines of stained glass had influenced my early work in the 50's...
Portrait of Margaret - oil on canvas 1958. 25.4 x 18.8cm.

Audrey. N.F.S.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Marking an historic occasion

On Sunday 9th February 2014 The Royal Artillery Band said farewell to Woolwich after being based there for over 250 years. The band moved on to Tidworth in Wiltshire, reuniting with their Regiment. To mark their departure former and current members marched through the Royal Borough and held a parade at General Gordon Square. It was a sad day for Woolwich but the heritage is not lost as 6 members remained to form a new string orchestra, The Countess of Wessex's String Orchestra.

These paintings were made from on the spot sketches of the farewell parade and featured in the exhibition 'London City of Music and Other Delights'. These paintings are available for sale individually or as a collection.

The 'Farewell to Woolwich' collection.
The Royal Artillery Says Farewell to Woolwich, 2014 - £450.

Cavalry Trumpeter - £350.
Bass Drummer - £350