Sunday, 23 October 2016

The Globe Theatre Mural

On a recent visit to the Southbank I was reminded of the time during the 1980's when I was teaching at Camberwell Art School and received an exciting call. An enthusiastic American voice came down the lines talking with great animation about a project to recreate The Globe Theatre. The voice belonged  Sam Wanamaker, then in the early stages of full filling his dream to recreate Shakespeare's theatre. Sam wanted a bright and colourful mural painting on the site boundary fence to attract peoples attention to what was about to occur on a then empty building site. Myself and a group of students set off and painted bars of strong colour in an abstract style along the boarding. The mural could be seen from far away and Sam was very appreciative of the end result. Unfortunately I never took a photo, if anyone has one I would love to see it again!

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Timeshift 26th October, Sailors Ships and Stevedores: The Story of British Docks.

Greatly looking forward to watching this program on the docks, for which I was interviewed. The program starts at 9pm on BBC4, more info here .