Sunday, 17 January 2021

Carol Thunstrom

 I was excited to recently rediscover this painting squirreled away behind many others. Carol Thunstrom was an artist who lodged with my family in Greenwich in the late 1960's or early 1970s. This painting is of my son David, looking very regal and important in his chair!   

Mr Seargent

I spent some time this afternoon looking through old notebooks with my daughter. We came across some photos of my favourite Camberwell Art School model. I met Mr Seargent in the early 1960's, he was walking down Peckham High Street with 2 heavy bags of shopping. I asked him if he would like any help carrying them and he said he wouldn't as he didn't have far to go. We fell into conversation as we were walking along and found that we got on well together. I asked him if he would consider being a model for art students and he surprisingly he agreed. This is one of the first modelling sessions we had...

Wednesday, 23 December 2020

One of my favourite photos of Cris in winter...


Cristiana Angelini, mother, artist, funny, elegant, beautiful creative person, my partner for nearly 40 years.

2020 has been a hard and painful year for so many of us. We remember our loved ones and we carry them forward with us. Let us hope that 2021 will be a kinder year for everyone.

Sunday, 4 October 2020

Tribute to Cristiana Angelini 1937 - 2020

I first met Cristiana when I took a summer school in Kent. I was immediately struck by her determination to tackle the most difficult of subjects. That meeting developed into a bond where we were practically inseparable. Painting together in the Kent valleys or on the Thames shoreline we were able to give each other practical criticism. I believe on our tours of Kent she saw something of her native Italy where in her earlier years she studied at the Florence Academy of Art. 

In England she soon became involved in art projects and was a long term member of and contributor to The Blackheath Art Society. Cristiana exhibited at many prestigious galleries including the Royal Academy, Whitechapel Gallery and the Mall Galleries. in 1990 Cristiana was awarded first prize in the Laing Collection Exhibition for London and the South East. We must not forget that she achieved all this while bringing up 3 daughters. More recently The Millinery Gallery in Islington was her main exhibiting gallery where her paintings held their own against well established artists exhibiting alongside her.

Parallel to her painting career Cristiana was also a visiting lecturer at the Adult Education College for Bexley for some 30 years, stimulating many students. As testament to her skill as a teacher and warmth as a person many ex-students stayed in touch.   

Personally I was always amazed at Cristiana's energy and always that Italian sparkle to liven us up. At her peaceful passing we say goodbye to a truly renaissance woman. She was my soul mate and I was so lucky to have shared my life with her for so many years.

Terry Scales

October 4th 2020.

Autumn by Cristiana Angelini

Friday, 24 July 2020

For Sale Page

Many of the paintings on my site are for sale. If you see a painting that interests you and it does not say 'sold' please do enquire. I now have a 'For Sale' page which will be regularly updated with works of varying prices.

Chelsea Reach version II, oil on panel, size 758 x 659mm, £1250

Two for the Barge Bermondsey Wall, oil on panel, 352 x 360mm, £450

See the 'For Sale' page for a full list of works currently available.

Virtual Test Drive

My daughters partner is a software designer and has been experimenting with virtual galleries. I allowed him to use my photos for a virtual test drive. Like so many people I have missed walking through a gallery very much and though its not the same it gives some of the excitement of seeing a painting out of the corner of your eye and going to explore!

The gallery is still a work in progress, will not work on mobile devices, and looks better in some web browsers than in others... Also please note that the sizes of the paintings in this gallery are not necessarily the same as the real paintings!

Terry Scales Virtual Art Gallery

Monday, 20 July 2020


Not being on Twitter it was a lovely surprise to hear from a friend and colleague Nicholas Sack that his Twitter post of one of my paintings had many 'looks' and 'shares'. Nicholas is a photographer who explores the everyday dynamism of people working, moving and relaxing in and around London's financial district and Canary Wharf. His stunning black and white photos capture a flavour of life in the city as you can see below...

You can see more of Nicholas work on his website here and collections of his work are available in 2 books.