Monday, 24 September 2018

Exhibition at The Millinery Works 2/10/18 - 4/11/18

It is a pleasure to exhibit in this mixed show once again at this beautiful gallery.

The Millinery Works Gallery,
87 Southgate Road, Islington
London, N1 3JS UK.

To see the works on show and for more info / opening hours please visit The Millinery Works.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

St Pauls from....

I recently came across a photo of this painting showing an eerie St Pauls, which I completed in the 1960's. I recall painting the view from somewhere around the Queenhithe stairs. The area has changed so dramatically now, can anyone identify the building that looks like a church to the left in the foreground?

Keen eyed Richard Dodson nailed it when he sent a link to this site; Scroll down and you will see almost the exact same view and the author having similar difficulty until with patience he works out how the street pattern has changed!