Sunday, 1 March 2020

Humpback Bridge Over the Surrey Canal

Every so often I like to comment on a painting and explain something of the background and history. The painting I have chosen today is 'Humpback Bridge Over the Surrey Canal', a sepia ink watercolour, painted in 1955.

The Surrey Canal stretched all the way from the Thames through Peckham and into Camberwell, sadly it has been largely eradicated by development.  My view shows a busy scene with goods coming and going by the canalside. On the left is a conversation between a loophole man and a drayman. My grandfather worked in the 1940's and 50's on wharves similar to this, though this particular scene is part memory and part imagination. In this period horse and carts were more used than vans. The generous amounts of horse dung were collected by keen gardeners in a post war era where very little went to waste. In the background 2 cranes are ready to move cargo from the small craft to and from the wharves.

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