Tromp L'oeil

I have always believed an artist should have the same freedom as a writer, able to write detective stories on the one hand and romance on the other. I find my main subjects along the river Thames need to be balanced by something quite different, a necessary escapism if you like. The art of Tromp L'oeil has always fascinated me and for decades I have created many works in that manner. These paintings require a more cerebral approach than my Thames and rural works, but both genre are of equal importance. The discipline required in the Tromp L'oeil feeds back into the more spontaneous landscapes. Passionate response is tempered with order, no flailing brush strokes but an intense concentration of relating one part to another. This is perhaps a legacy of my Euston Road Period at Camberwell School of Art. "Relationships are everything", Claude Rogers 1950.

Many of these paintings are for sale, please enquire.

Do it Yourself.

Moments with Mozart.


The Lost Chord.

Corner of the Artists Mantelpiece.

End of the Line.

Gourds and Shells.

Memoirs of a Master Mariner.

Portrait of a Florentine Lady.

Real Ale Bonanza.

Strawberries and Cream sold.

Tea for All Tastes - I (sold at RA Summer show).

Tea for All Tastes - II

Tea for All Tastes - III.

Young Florentine with Chrysanthemum.

Honeysuckle and Friends.

Clarinet Cocktail.

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