Thursday, 30 March 2017

Euan Uglow and Sargy Mann Book Launch

The South London Gallery recently hosted a book launch for Euan Uglow and Sargy Mann.

The South London Gallery writes;

In the 1960s Camberwell Art School was at the heart of a quiet revolution in figurative painting. Euan Uglow, Sargy Mann and others, including Frank Auerbach were passionately committed to making work about direct perceptual experiences, influenced not just by the work of the masters of European art but also by the revolution in the science of perception which was happening at the time. In very different ways these two artists ask us to think about what it means to see and remind us what a wonderful and extraordinarily complex thing it is to try to communicate that experience with others. South London Gallery website .

To obtain a copy please contact John Rule Art Book Distribution.

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