These paintings are from the exhibition 'London, City of Music and Other Delights', held at Blackheath Halls, October 2014 partly inspired by the free concerts held at St Alfeges Church in Greenwich. A departure from my usual subjects the press release explains;

 My introduction to classical music began at the age of ten. As an evacuee during the Second World War  I found myself visiting the local cinema in a small South Devon town together with several friends. The film we were eagerly anticipating was made by Walt Disney. It was called ‘Fantasia’. I sat utterly spellbound by the extraordinary images, of Zeus throwing thunderbolts at the peasants below from his chariot in the sky accompanied by the stirring strains of Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony. On leaving the cinema my friends were disgusted at the evening’s event. “What was it all about? It’s rubbish” they declared, but Disney’s vision of music and pictures had entered my psyche. Some years later I tried to play Bach Fugues on the family upright piano. These attempts failed miserably. Later still I tried to master cornet, trombone and E Flat horn all with no success.

To the young players who have mastered their instruments my admiration is immense. Over the last decade my paintings have been increasingly inspired by the performances of the Trinity Laban students who have given us so much pleasure in their concerts at St Alfeges and other venues.

Nocturne in E Chopin, £375.

Harp Sonata Scarlatti, £350.

Sarabande, Bach, £350.

Serenata, £375.

Sonata for Flute, Poulenc, £450.

Greensleeves, Brassic in concert, £750.

 Digby Fairweather, Jazz at the Festival Hall, £550.

Swinging Shepherd Blues, musicians from J50 Brass, £750.

Divertimento (sold)

Painting notes

Painting notes

Flute Concertino Chaminade, £350.

Trio Recital Brahms Hungarian Dance, £750.

Clarinet Cocktail, £550.

This group of 3 paintings are the subject of a more detailed blogpost; 'Farewell to Woolwich'.

The Queens Own Highlanders marching to The Dundee Tattoo, £550.

The other part to the exhibition contained 'Other Delights'! Below are selected detail from these paintings waiting to be catalogued...